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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Do you loan out crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc?
A: We do not, but the Livonia Rotary does. The contacts for the Rotary Loan Closet are Jim West at (585) 346-3494 or Cal Lathan at (585) 346-5519.

Q: Do you provide smoke/CO detectors or fire extinguishers?
A: No, sorry. These items can be purchased at local retailers such as Walmart.

Q: When should smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors be replaced?
A: Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Carbon monoxide detectors every 5 years.

Q: How do I call in a controlled burn?
A: Call (585) 243-7100 (911 Dispatch Center Non-Emergency Number).

Q: What are the dates when open burning is allowed?
A: For open burning date information check with the New York State DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation)>
There is no open burning allowed in the Village of Livonia.

Q: Do you rent out space for parties or events?
A: We do not, but there are two organizations in Lakeville that do.
The Lakeville Exempt Club rents out the Lakeville Training Grounds - send an email.
The Conesus Lake Sportsmens Club also rents out their clubhouse - send an email.

Q: Does the Fire Department handle water problems?
A: The Department will assist with flooded basements only.

Q: Does the Department fill pools?
A: No, sorry. There is a local business that does! H2O Joe can be reached at (585) 346-3543.

Q: Does the Department do home inspections/walk throughs?
A: We do not. If you have any questions regarding code you can contact the fire marshal/code enforcement for Livonia, Adam Backus at (585) 755-6066.

Q: If I were to become a member of the Livonia Fire Department, what do I have to provide?
A: Your commitment! All equipment and training will be provided by the Department.





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